Once again, I haven’t had a lot to say. Or it’s topics that I do have a lot to say on, but haven’t yet quite figured out how to word them in a coherent, non-offensive manner.

I have actually left my apartment both yesterday and today (and I will again tomorrow, and most likely Thursday. We’ll see about Friday and beyond when they come). As much as I loathe the isolation of being at home, I’ve realized that getting out is just as the bad. Not so much running basic errands, but when I’ve been out experiencing real human contact. Because then I come home and it’s that much more apparent, yet again, just how empty and cold my home and my life are. Staying home, at least I kinda get to a place that’s almost comfortably numb…I’d forgotten how when I was working, coming home at night was the most horrible, most wretched part of my day.

Have I mentioned I rearranged my living room? Yeah, I did it a couple of weeks back…at 11:30pm on a weeknight. Considering their penchant for late-night furniture moving (both legit and as an effect of other activities), vacuuming, and laundry (oh, yeah – the washer and dryer are located right under my bedroom), I hope Landlord and Mrs. Landlord enjoyed it.

Opening Day is on Thursday. Though I won’t have it in time, I did order a new Yankees tank top today. And in my eternal quest to update/change/add to my living room art, I think I need some kind of photo/artwork of Yogi Berra.

As I said…nothing much to say these days. I made a chocolate mousse tart last week that still needs a little tweaking, particularly on the crust, but was still pretty damn good. I finished reading Anthony Bourdain’s The Nasty Bits, which I enjoyed. I moved on to Medium Raw, but I’m not liking it that much so far – Tony Bourdain makes me think too much, so as a consequence this one really makes me depressed.

Hell, I’m just gonna go to bed.