I was just on the phone with The Mom, and she asked me why I hadn’t been blogging lately. And it’s still because I haven’t had anything to say. She said that that was unusual, especially with all of the political stuff going on.

The thing is, I would be an absolutely horrible political blogger. First of all, despite my die-hard devotion to the Democratic party, my concerns about social justice issues and women’s/reproductive rights, and my complete adoration of The West Wing, I actually find politics pretty boring. I have never watched an episode of Meet the Press in its entirety, and not at all since Tim Russert died.

And because I don’t watch/read about politics, I’m not up on the facts. All of my opinions are just that – opinions. Based on what I feel to be right. I don’t want to post something I don’t know for sure to be true and then have some neo-conservative come in here and refute me.

I also take it very personally. I can’t even watch Fox News clips on The Daily Show because they upset me so much; the last thing I need is to be bringing in any kind of political drama over here.

Basically, though, I’ve just had this pervading sense of futility the past couple of days (note to self: quit watching TNG episodes featuring the Borg). Maybe it’s because it’s April…most years, something has happened during April that totally fucks with me in some way. As much as I want to love April, because I love spring, I pretty much live in fear the entire month. T.S. Eliot definitely had the right idea in “The Waste Land.”

Yeah…still nothing…