(This post will be 10 items or less.)
  1. Most of the time, I really enjoy itemized lists of bits of information. Like all the lists on mental_floss. And then there are times that I feel guilty about it, like I’m some typical Tweeter whose attention span only lasts 140 characters.
  2. The NHL playoffs started this week. And the Sabres are in, which means I’m abstaining from all things Dunkin’ Donuts for the duration. It’s my version of a playoff beard – I started doing it last year, when the Sabres were playing the Bruins in the first round. I saw it as Tim Hortons vs. Dunkin’ Donuts (especially since at the time of his death, Tim Horton was a Buffalo Sabre). Unfortunately for the Sabres, the Bruins swept them. But this year, they won Game 1 against the Flyers (and the Bruins lost to Les Habs).
  3. You find it surprising that while under no circumstances will I ever support the BloSox or the Pats, I generally actually will back the Bruins, as long as they aren’t playing the Sabres or the Leafs.
  4. finally got God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World – and Why Their Differences Matter, by Stephen Prothero, from the library. I’ve been wanting to read this since it was released last year, after reading this article in The Boston Globe, regarding the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. I also highly recommend his previous book,  Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know – and Doesn’t.
  5. I’ve lived in Boston for over 3.5 years now.  Despite sometimes wanting to smack the masses of tourists upside their collective heads (such as when I was in Filene’s Basement this afternoon), every so often I still have a moment where I look around and think, “Wow…I actually LIVE here!”
  6. I think I have a strong desire to share that feeling, despite my dislike of the tourists. Because why else would I be in training to become a volunteer docent to give walking tours?
  7. I have made many mentions before of my African violets, Rosie and Jenny. Jenny I just got in October, and she’s been absolutely thriving. Rosie, I’ve had for three years. She was the first plant I bought for myself back when I was still living in Kenmore Square.  and she did great over there. But about eight months later,  not long after I moved and I think around the same time things started downhill for me, she stopped flowering. Her greenery was fine, but what made her ‘her’ was gone. I worried that I’d plucked too far when taking off dead blossoms, that she’d never blossom again. I was worried that she was dying, but I couldn’t bear to throw her away, because she meant so much to me.
  8. The point of all that is that last week, after over two years, Rosie started flowering again. I’m hoping that it’s an omen.
  9. Between his appearance on The Daily Show and his interview in Newsweek,  I’m really liking Deval Patrick right now.
  10. I have not one, but two new Facebook game addictions – America 2049 and CSI: Crime City.
Maybe next time I’ll try Self-Checkout Blogging, where you all write my post yourselves.