1. Is it me, or are all Walgreens sketchy? It seems like every single one I enter, be it in a city or suburb, nice neighborhood or not, new store or old, there is at least an air of sketchiness throughout. Just one of many reasons why I prefer CVS.
  2. I’m supposed to be writing a couple of short papers for my tour guide training. No doubt about it – while I want to work in academia, I am very much over being a student. After law school, I’m an expert – I can bang out a three-page paper in no time. Doesn’t mean that my instincts to procrastinate don’t kick in, though.
  3. Oh, and I have yet to prep a 3-5 minute presentation on a building. I actually think I might do the State House, because yesterday I found a great quote on it that I liked, regarding Oliver Wendell Holmes famous statement about Boston as the hub of the universe.
  4. Speaking of Oliver Wendell Holmes, I recommend The Dante Club, by Matthew Pearl. It’s not for the squeamish (which begs the question as to why I read it), but it is still an interesting historical fiction/mystery taking place in post-Civil War Boston and Cambridge.
  5. And speaking of Dante, I still need to read The Divine Comedy.
  6. That sound you hear is The Mom, shrieking because I haven’t.
  7. The Mom also shrieks because she has no idea how she, a history teacher, has two children, both of whom made it through college without ever taking Western Civilization. I don’t know how The Dude managed it; I had an art history class that covered my western civ requirement.
  8. I will admit to taking an actual non-western civ class. Modern China. I hated it. Should have gone with Judaism and Islam for that credit.
Yeah, I know…write your freaking papers, Amanda…