(I just got an image in my head of Heidi Klum greeting the designers on Project Runway. If you’re now comparing in your head, trust me – I look nothing like Heidi Klum.)

Yep, still alive. My apologies for being terra incognito – combination of not having much to say and then being in Buffalo for a few days, for Cameron’s baby shower.

And now you get a random list:

  1. There are very few things that WNY has on metro Boston (at least, for me). But one of those is that in Cambridge, I can’t hear the lake from my bedroom window.
  2. Or see Canada. But we’ve long established that I’m a qualified foreign policy expert.
  3. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I learned of Osama bin Laden’s death from Facebook. I was getting ready to go to bed and I grabbed my iPod to do a quick check of email and Facebook. I didn’t feel any joy over it. Just sad at the loss of a human life. And incredibly disturbed by my friends’ cheers and statements of “may he rot in hell.”
  4. I figured out tonight that in the past two years, I have had 18 in-person job interviews and 7 phone-only interviews. And that’s out of approximately 750 applications.  I’m attempting to keep tally on a tote board, but it doesn’t seem to want to stick to my office door.
  5. I may have had a baking project inspiration the other day – creating cookie recipes based on every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. Not the why-bother flavors, like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. But I’ve had an idea in mind for Chubby Hubby.
  6. I need to post more. Some of my friends have been very supportive of this blog, and that really touches me.
  7. The Sabres lost to the Flyers in Game 7 of Round 1. On the plus side, the Dunkies fast is over. But considering the nights after the gym, freezing my ass off in the cold at the bus stop when I could have been waiting inside Dunkies with a nice, warm cup of decaf, the Sabres owe me one Stanley Cup. Filled with hot coffee, cream, and sugar.
  8. Found a recipe for spaghetti cacio e pepe on The Amateur Gourmet, which I have tried twice. First time with fresh fettuccine, which worked well. Second time with gnocchi and it was freaking amazing. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.
  9. As I was in Buffalo for the Royal Wedding, I got up at 5:30am and watched it with The Mom and The Dad.  It tickled me that William and Kate are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I have hopes that if they ever come to the US, they’ll come visit Cambridge, MA. And I have since given myself a new title/style: Her Enlightened Highness Amanda, Duchess of the People’s Republic of Cambridge.
  10. It occurred to me yesterday that in some alternate universe, I am an incredibly talented and successful professional computer geek.
  11. I like Rescue Remedy. I just read the bottle and realized that it’s 27% alcohol. That’s almost 3 times the amount in NyQuil.
And I think I will finally publish this post (I started it on Tuesday) and go to bed.