1. This afternoon I went to the Museum of Fine Arts (love that place). Of course, Mother’s Day + Free Admission Day with your Bank of America card (how else do you think I could afford it?) = Amanda, what the hell were you thinking? Between the crowds and my time constraints, once again I didn’t get to see all of what I wanted. But I did take a guided tour of the Art of the America’s wing.
  2. And seriously – I can’t get over how many paintings there are of Niagara Falls.
  3. After I left the museum I walked down Huntington Ave. towards Symphony Hall. I passed the Boston University Theatre and realized it was running plays by both Ibsen and Brecht. Fathers of modern and epic theatre, respectively. I felt like I was back in History and Literature of the Theatre III.
  4. My favorite paper in college was the one I did on Ibsen as the father of modern theatre and using A Doll’s House as a prime example of the well-made play. IIRC, I titled it “Well-Made Dolls’ Houses and the Women Who Live in Them.”
  5. The main reason why I walked down to Symphony Hall was to go to Whole Foods. That sounds like I was just running errands on my way home. The truth is that I’m fascinated by this particular Whole Foods. I just went to it for the first time on Wednesday (had been in the area for a job interview). And I have a really weird thing that I love exploring new-to-me grocery stores.
  6. Then again, you’ve also heard me wax poetic about Wegmans. And while in Buffalo last week I discovered even more proof that Wegmans has all the answers. And if they don’t, they will at least point you in the right direction.
  7. While at Whole Foods I of course visited the candle section. Because you can go ahead and call me a dirty hippie (which really couldn’t be further from the truth, but that’s not the point), but I am a sucker for the scent of patchouli. Don’t worry, I’ll never wear it (though come to think of it, I think it might be a component in my favorite perfume). But for candles/incense/room fragrance? Love it.
  8. Realized over the past few nights that with the changing weather, my insomnia seems to be slowly creeping back. Yet another reason why I need a job soon – last year when I was working, it was only every so often (and if I still couldn’t sleep by the time 5am rolled around, I would just get up and go to the gym before going to work). I really don’t care to relive last summer’s six weeks straight of no sleep.
  9. And maybe I’ll get all of my recycling out tomorrow morning, too.