1. I still often feel guilty for doing so many numbered lists lately. But it seems to be a format that works for me.
  2. My latest internet obsession is Pinterest. I received an invite from Lucy a few weeks back, but I never started using it until this past week. This would have been SO useful to me on the occasions when I had nothing to do at work and was bored out of my mind. So far, I’ve mainly been cataloging recipes, things I want for my home now, things I want for/in my home in the future, places I want to travel, pics/quotes I like, and craft/DIY projects.
  3. Recipes – I tried this one for Nutella cookies, but I need to play with it more before I report on it and declare if it’s truly decent or not. I’m also planning on trying this method for smashed new potatoes with butter and chives (though I will not be using the chives – I don’t have any. And my potatoes are red, white, and blue).
  4. Cute pic – Thanks to Simon, Oliver, and Sam (our beagle/German shepherd mix we had 1994-2006), I’m a sucker for beagles/beagle mixes. Hence why I love this photo.
  5. Quotes – see image above.
  6. Stuff for home – Sadly, last week I broke the pot for my coffeemaker. I’ve been making do in the meantime with just getting coffee when I’m out, or if I’m desperate, using the instant espresso I keep on hand for baking (it’s actually pretty decent – I found it in the Mexican section of the international aisle at Shaw’s). But I still need a new coffeemaker. Okay, I could just get a new pot. But I’d been wanting a new coffeemaker for awhile, anyway, and a replacement carafe would cost almost as much as a brand new machine. So this is where I get confused. Considering it’s just me here and I don’t go through a lot of coffee in one day, I was thinking about a Black & Decker Brew N’ Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug – would be great for when I finally get a job and start commuting again. But on the other hand, would it be bad feng shui, emphasizing my singleness when I desperately want to be the opposite? And then I start considering a French press. And then Lucy and Sage keep tempting me with the idea of cold-pressed iced coffee, and a French press ice coffee maker, especially since summer is coming (it may not seem like it right now in New England, but it will get here. Eventually…). So I am so torn.
  7. Crafts/DIY…this is where Pinterest has been particularly dangerous. First, I found furniture I want to make, out of pallets and foam rubber (link is in Spanish). And then there’s my project that I started last night – a felt floor mat/area rug, in shades of gold and fuchsia. It also finally spurred me to buy three things I’d been needing/wanting – a rotary cutter, a self-healing cutting mat, and a glue gun.
  8. Ummm…is it just me, or does that list sound like I’m attempting to do black market organ harvesting?
  9. Especially if you throw in a bottle of tequila.
  10. That’s actually an inside joke on a completely different matter, but really – what could go wrong?
  11. Dear federal agencies who may be reading this: I’m not doing that. Check my finances  – I am totally not doing that.
I actually have other topics I want to cover, but this would keep going and going if I did. But hey – means more posts from me!