• I’ve started keeping a list of things I want to mention here. Mentioning that I’ve started keeping a list was not on my list, though.
  • I have re-thought my position on Lady Gaga. Originally, I didn’t care about her, one way or the other. I found that more than anything, her music sounded like an era of my life that while I have absolutely no regrets about it, I don’t have any burning desire to re-live it, either.
  • Said era of my life would be college. If I ever become famous enough to write and publish humorous memoirs, in the running for the title is I Was a College-Age Fag Hag.
  • However, I watched SNL the other night, hosted by Justin Timberlake (another performer for whom I have increasing respect) and with Lady Gaga as musical guest. For the first part of her first number she did her single, “The Edge of Glory.” But instead of the techno, dance style that was released, it was just her playing the piano. And it was fantastic. I enjoy the original sound, too, but I hope she eventually releases an acoustic recording, too.
  • So today when I saw that Amazon was selling her entire new album for 99 cents, I jumped on it. And somehow, Amazon didn’t anticipate that selling the new album of one of the hottest stars right now for such an insane price, on the release, would cause problems. It’s been almost 6 hours; I still haven’t been able to download it. But of course, my payment has been processed!
  • Very often when I go to Shaw’s, there’s a volunteer standing outside with the Spare Change street paper. And she’s always singing a song that sounds like it’s set to something from the musical Oliver! I just keep expecting a bunch of homeless people to show up and bust out with “Who Will Buy?”
  • A few weeks ago, Mrs. Landlord mentioned to me that they’ll be going away in June. Last night I found out that they’ll be gone for THREE WEEKS!! Three glorious weeks of laundry whenever I want, singing at the top of my lungs, vacuuming at 11:30pm without feeling guilty, and rollerblading around my apartment!
  • I’ve been on a Project Runway kick lately. I’ve had seasons 2-4 on DVD from the library, last week I watched the last few eps of season 5 on Style Network and this weekend I watched all of season 1, which I had never seen before. For the show’s sake, it’s a good thing I hadn’t, because had I watched the first episode or so when it aired, I never would have continued watching (I didn’t start watching until season 3). Show drama aside (can’t say I hated Wendy Pepper; she just really, really freaking annoyed me), I really didn’t like it. Not enough Tim Gunn, Heidi was almost a completely different character, and the commentary during judging was way different, both in amount and substance.
  • I think seasons 2 and 3 are my favorites (how can you not love Santino’s impersonation of Tim Gunn?). I wasn’t impressed by season 4 at all (I’m sorry, but Christian Siriano was a conceited little bitch); season 5  was pretty much a yawn overall, despite the drag queens; hated season 6 in LA. Season 7 wasn’t memorable – I know I watched it, but I barely remember anything. And season 8 had its ups and downs.
Remember the days when I used to do long posts of actual substance?…yeah, me neither…