And what did I have a plan for today?

I had a plan to leave the house. Really really. Unfortunately, that was as far as I got with the plan. Another day of my usual issues – slept in a little too late (but just a little – I’ve been getting better again), not wanting to do the same old, same old; no idea where else to go, etc. And this was the third day in a row that I’ve stayed at home. At least Monday and Tuesday weren’t bad – it was cold and drizzly both days. But today was warm(er) and sunny. Yeah, I know – it’s only 5pm (at the time I started this, anyway). I could still go out. But honestly…without a car, I really don’t like going out all by myself after dark/regular business hours. Partly for safety reasons, partly because being out there alone amongst the masses just makes me want to cry.

I also had a plan to blog about the Tony’s. However, in order to do effectively I’d need to be able to type while watching them again (the show is saved on the TiVo). Which I can not do. So here are a few bullet points about them (in no particular order):

  • Brooke Shields during the opening number: How fucking drunk are you?
  • Brooke Shields presenting: How fucking drunk are you still?
  • Sutton Foster accepting for Best Actress in a Musical: Were you trying to keep up with Brooke Shields?
  • Sorry, NPH – you know I love you, but I really do think Hugh Jackman was the better host. At the very least, he had better writers.
  • My thoughts on seeing the number from Catch Me if You Can: oh, God, why the hell did they have to make a musical from a Leonardo DiCaprio movie? Wait…Norbert Leo Butz? Awesome!!
  • Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed…: wow…he’s not bad…
  • And is it in the Tony’s bylaws that any time How to Succeed… is revived/nominated, “Brotherhood of Man” must be performed?
  • John Larroquette’s win for Best Featured Actor in a Musical, Thought #1: Dude…Dan Fielding has a Tony. For a musical.
  • John Larroquette’s win for Best Featured Actor in a Musical, Thought #2: The man has done Star Trek, The West Wing, and Boston Legal. Just about every one of my inner fan girls was squeeing.
  • Frances McDormand’s outfit: I get that you won for playing a blue collar woman in South Boston, but really, I don’t think anyone from Southie would have worn a denim jacket to the Tony’s.
  • Both awards for directing went to collaborative partners. Kinda surprised me.
  • Good to see that Bono and The Edge have a sense of humor regarding the disaster that is Spiderman: Turn off the Dark.
  • It was weird enough when Matt Stone and Trey Parker were nominated for an Oscar. Now they have multiple Tony awards.
Speaking of The Book of Mormon, it has inspired my own faith-based satire. A religion based on an institution that gives me all the answers I need, founded in the Rochester, NY area: Wegmans.
In other news, my search for a new coffee maker has come to an end. No, I did not buy one. Sunday morning I received an email from The Mom that basically said, “The Bon*Ton was having a sale, so I ordered you a programmable 12-cup Cuisinart. You’ll get it this week.” Thank you, The Mom! It should be arriving tomorrow and it is this model.
And now I think I’m going to shower and then maybe actually use my tiny back porch.