Remember the title from yesterday’s post?

When I chose it, I was thinking, “well, maybe it really won’t be like that tomorrow…”


I spent some time out on my back porch this afternoon, reading. I was lying on the cushion from a former papasan chair (I no longer have the frame). But I would really love an Adirondack chair and footstool or a chaise lounge. I also got to speak with two of my kitty-friends (various cats belonging to various neighbors, who think Landlord’s garden is a great place to play/catch a breeze while napping). The only one whose name I know is Lily (and I just learned it the other day); otherwise they just get addressed as “Kitty-Friend.” Lily is a very pretty and fluffy gray and white cat; the other one I saw today is all black and looks like he (I’m guessing) could be a character in The Jungle Book.

As I had some leftover Amazon gift card balance, the other night I bought/downloaded the original Broadway cast recording of The Book of Mormon (even though I have been known to slip up and do it myself, one of my pet peeves is referring to a cast album as a soundtrack – in my book, soundtracks are music that are part of a film but are not actually performed by the cast), and have been listening to it quite regularly (such as right now).

On first listen, it really does seem kinda tame, for a show that is supposed to be a mocking of Mormonism by the creators of South Park.Repeated listenings have shown me, however, that it’s really just very subtle. And the other day, I was listening to it while I was waiting for the bus. At the very bus stop where I have been accosted by Mormons in the past. Was I doing this on purpose? Ummm…yes.

And I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the idea of the Old and New Testaments and the Book of Mormon as a trilogy, comparing the Book of Mormon to Return of the Jedi (which just makes me laugh). Because that would make the New Testament The Empire Strikes Back. And that I have real problem with. Because there is no way the New Testament is the best out of the three. But on the other hand, in some ways I think I might buy St. Paul as Lando Calrissian.

I’m also enjoying this LOLcat.

(Actually, given all the reading I do on comparative religion and the Abrahamic traditions in particular, I do feel guilty that this is one faith I can not seem to take seriously)

In the past two days I have finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day and The Moses Expedition. As for the former, I’ll post a review of it later this week, if/when I’m in a funnier mood. Same for the later, though I will say that not only was it influenced by Dan Brown’s books (show me an “intellectual thriller” these days that isn’t), but I think there were also some elements of fourth season Lost.

I’m having trouble knitting lately. In addition to feeling kinda resentful of all the baby knitting I have to get done, nothing is coming out right. I’m on my third try of a certain baby gift – third pattern and second yarn. And it’s not like I can say “screw it” and go buy something – as I’ve mentioned to others in the past (though I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here), when everyone and their sibling knows that you’re an accomplished knitter, you can’t get away with a non-handknit baby  gift.

And then I feel incredibly guilty, because in general, I like knitting and I love knitting for my friends and their kids. But it’s just not working right now.

Hmmm…guilt on two fronts tonight…was there any doubt I was raised Catholic?