I’m trying to figure out what was the most exciting part of my day.

I think it’s a toss-up between clicking the Random Article link over and over again on Lostpedia or finishing the final level of America 2049 on Facebook.

That makes it sound like I spent a third day in a row trapped in the house. Actually, I did not. I ran a few errands in Porter Square. Still had nothing on Lostpedia, even seeing the the photo on the front page of Metro of the guy clipping his toenails on the T.

Today was Monday. And we know that generally, I like Mondays. But today was the kind of Monday that I don’t like. After a long, sad weekend, I look forward to Monday as a yay, good stuff can start happening again! day. And today, it didn’t. Today was really no different than the previous two days.

I was trying to decide if it’s better when I have job interviews. On the one hand, I have a sense of hope. On the other hand, when I get the inevitable rejection email all hope is once again gone. So is it really worth it to have that hope in the first place?

I’m sorry. I’m just hitting a point (yet again…) where I have just about nothing left to give, mentally or emotionally…