(Yes, another post from me already. I read somewhere the other day that multiple short posts every day makes for better traffic than one long post.)

And it just keeps getting better.

(If you’ve ever met me/know my voice and inflections, I know you can just hear the sarcasm dripping from that statement)

Between anxiety-induced lack of appetite and the whatever-induced low-level nausea, food has not been too appealing to me the past few days. So if I’m actually hungry and something actually sounds good to me, I will make it. Even if said item is boxed macaroni and cheese.

(Shut up. At least it was Annie’s and organic.)

So I made a box. I even did dishes beforehand. Used a little chicken bouillon in the water.  Drained it, added unsalted organic butter, milk (fat-free evaporated – we’ve already established that I’m out of regular old skim milk) and the powdered cheese. Stirred it up, dished it out into a paper bowl (we’ve also long established my hatred of washing dishes, so I use paper a lot of time. Screw the environment, at least until I once again have a dishwasher).

Bowl was hot, despite the potholder I was attempting to slide it onto. Dropped it back onto the stove.

Bowl did not land flat, but somewhat on the front edge of the stove. Slid to floor. Mac and cheese all over.

[begin rant]

Really? I’m home all by myself, not even the Landlords to hide from, in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday, because I am the Teflon job seeker. No human interaction – I haven’t even had any mail since Saturday. I’m feeling completely unwanted in every way possible. I’m having enough trouble as it is trying to hold food down, and now I can’t even hold it up?

Is this really necessary? Actually is any of it?  But come on, please – really?

[end rant]