I don’t think I’m going anywhere today, unless a)Inman Oasis pops up on Facebook saying they’re offering a 15% discount on massages booked today (they usually call it their “Sunny Day Special;” considering it looks like rain, I don’t see it happening); or b)I get desperate for milk and/or Splenda (probably not happening, either – the only thing I really need them for is coffee, and I have fat-free evaporated milk – which as it turns out is really good in cold-brewed iced coffee, real sugar, and agave nectar).

I have already been a perfect storm of an emotional mess the past few days, and now we’re adding a physical component. I didn’t sleep well at all Monday night – insomnia was acting up again, joined at 5am by low-level nausea. And that kept recurring during the day yesterday. I thought at first it might have been mild food poisoning, from the Chinese I had ordered Monday night. Now I think it might be related to allergies, as I also have a dull headache and slight congestion, and everything seemed worse when I was out yesterday and near pollen-bearing thingies.

And now this morning…you know how there are bottled drinks that you have to shake up before drinking, to evenly distribute all the flavor/chocolate/pulp/sweetener/whatever? That’s how I feel this morning, except not in a good way. When I initially started waking up around 8:15 (took my melatonin an hour later than usual last night, which lead to me going to sleep later and waking up later than I would like), I felt okay, emotionally and physically. Then I got up to go to the bathroom and it was like everything got all mixed up and distributed. I even went back to bed for another hour and a half to try to get everything to settle again, but it didn’t. My shoulders and back are fairly vocal this morning, hence why if a massage deals pops up I’m jumping on it.

I also wouldn’t mind real-time human interaction that involves more than “Would you like to join our email list?”  and “Oh, wow! I really love your nails!” But maybe I just ask for too much.