Greetings, Origami fans.

I can’t say for 100% certain, but it sounds like Landlord and Mrs. Landlord have returned from their three-week sojourn abroad.

We all know how excited I was for them to leave. And I will admit, there was a tiny voice in the back of my head going, wait…you’ll end up missing them so much!

You know what?

I didn’t miss them one damn bit.

I hate that it sounds like I hate them – I really don’t. As landlords, they’re freakin’ sweet – my rent for this place is an absolute steal and they’ve never raised it on me in the three years I’ve been here. I would just prefer that they weren’t living above me. Or anywhere near me, for that matter. I really liked the quiet and freedom while they were gone.

Fortunately, I was able to get in some space clearing this afternoon – I set five incense “burners” (they were aluminum pie plates filled with coarse sea salt and charcoal discs) throughout my apartment and one in the basement. I put powdered dragon’s blood resin on first and left the house for about half an hour, so all the negative energy could disperse. Then I came back and burned some frankincense and myrrh. The residuals of that have left me with a headache for the past few hours, but if it means all the bad stuff goes away, I’ll deal with it.

I still want to smudge with sage and lavender, but I can do that tomorrow (I can get away with that a little easier than I can with incense bombs).

In case you were wondering, dragon’s blood, despite sounding like it’s on Snape’s list of ingredients for fourth-year Potions, comes from a plant and kinda smells like patchouli (I actually burn it in stick form fairly regularly). I actually don’t care much for frankincense or myrrh.

Does the place feel any different? I don’t know. There’s a part of me that just rolls my eyes at myself for doing these kinds of things. But there comes a point (or for me, many points) when you’ll just give anything a shot. While I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where I’m afraid to feel hope, I really wouldn’t mind feeling joy again. I miss it a lot.

Anyway…lessons learned today:

– if multiple posts a day brings in a lot of traffic, no posts brings in no traffic

– the gas stove is much better for igniting incense charcoal than a lighter

– heat-resistant is not the same as flame-resistant (my favorite pair of tongs, too – they’re still good, just a little melty/singled on one edge)