Oh, god, do I love some of the spam comments I get on here…

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I think that one comes under ‘a room full of monkeys and typewriters.’

I wish I had left the house today. It really was a beautiful day, according to my standards. Almost fall-like. It’s only 73 right now; the high today was 76. And tomorrow it jumps back to 81. If I had realized earlier that it was going to stay this nice and cool all day, I would have headed out on some kind of adventure, maybe to the Franklin Park Zoo. But of course, there is always my aversion to immense crowds of tourists/stupid people.

I used to take myself on adventures all the time, when I had a car. Okay, said adventures usually revolved around going off in search of a mall I had never been to before. Figuring out adventures is a lot tougher and nowhere near as fun when you don’t have a car or money, and have gotten really sick of always going alone (I was sick of that part, too, even when I did have a car access and some money).

I spent yesterday afternoon with my friend Tonks. We had sushi for lunch and then she made me a bubble tea convert…good stuff. And good times.

This afternoon I found myself talking to inanimate objects. Again. And not even my stuffed animals or plants – we’re talking the cordless phone handset.

I’m still on a Trek kick – in addition to watching TOS on Netflix, I’m reading Trek novels again. I’ve got three out from the library right now plus a whole bunch on hold. As well as every single Trek movie on DVD (except the reboot – that’s on my Netflix queue *insert grumbling about how Netflix used to have the TOS/TNG cast movies available for streaming and no longer does*)

I need chocolate. I’m off to my kitchen in search of some.