I’ve got some time to kill until it’s time to make dumplings. because yes, it is 92 degrees out there and I decided to make stew in the slow cooker. And to make it even crazier, it’s beef stew – I maintain that I’ve basically given up beef; emphasis on the “basically,” because every so often I just have to have it. But I’ve always much preferred chicken stew with dumplings.

This hot-and-heavy cooking on hot-and-heavy days is not exactly a new phenomenon (no, I did not spell that right on the first try – thank you, Google Chrome spellchecker!) for me – last night I made baked penne. It turned out really well – I used Barilla PLUS penne (Barilla is pretty much the only dried pasta I will buy) and The Silver Palate Marinara (I’ve had a hard time finding non-pizza-intended tomato sauces that I like). Could have used more mozzarella, though (I used 8 ounces, but I like a lot of cheese). And I still wouldn’t mind figuring out a baked good of some nature (I had to different recipes in mind over the past two days; of course, I’m missing ingredients for both of them).

Oh – and whoever at Reynolds came up with the idea of slow cooker liners? Thank you! (Actually, it was the recipe on the box for pot roast that kinda spurred the idea for beef stew)

Today was a day of doing things I’ve never done before. Don’t get all excited – in fact, you’ll probably just get disgusted. Because what I did was sweep and mop behind/underneath my fridge and stove. I’ll finish the entire floor sometime this evening. Because what I’m supposed to be doing is reviewing Victorian Back Bay, as I’m giving a tour for the first time tomorrow evening.

In yesterday’s mail I received two pairs of earrings I had ordered – jade and citrine. Because I couldn’t decide which pair I wanted to wear, I thought I’d see if my second holes, which I hadn’t used in probably close to ten years, were still open. Took a little perseverance, though not as much as I’d thought, but they’re still good! So I’ve been wearing both pairs all day. And now I’m kinda inspired again to consider a third set of holes. Probably won’t happen.

I need to see Harry Potter. Maybe on Wednesday, as a treat after an interview.

I have more thoughts, funnier thoughts, probably impure thoughts. But they’ll have to wait until after dinner or tomorrow.