• If we’re Facebook friends, then you probably know something about my Friday afternoon. I had been in Back Bay and got on the Green Line at Arlington Station (I feel like I need to specify the station, as to differentiate from Arlington, MA. And as I approached the turnstile, I was asked to go over to a table and have the exterior of my backpack inspected. Which meant it was wiped down and checked for traces of explosives. And it didn’t look like to me that they were checking everyone, seemed like they were concentrating on dark-colored backpacks and duffles (my backpack is navy). *sigh* I finally get to a point where I can go to Canada alone easily (prior to 9/11 I was harassed all the time, but then  harassment of dark-skinned men became en vogue), and now I get profiled in Boston.
  • And then I changed to the Red Line and saw a woman wearing jeggings. *shudder*
  • While waiting in a five-woman-deep line for the restroom at the Harvard Coop yesterday, it dawned on me that we need express public restrooms. No diaper-changing allowed, and there’s a time limit, say, three minutes (and I’m being generous – I can be in and out of a ladies room in under 60 seconds). If you exceed said time limit, alarms sound all over the place and security comes running to drag your ass out of the can so the rest of us can finally uncross our legs.
  • In my New Adventures in Search of Bubble Tea, yesterday I finally went to Tealuxe. I liked the place a lot – as one of the reviews on Yelp said, it’s like something out of Harry Potter. What I didn’t like was the frozen chai I ordered – too much honey and way too much (fake red hot) cinnamon. I love cinnamon, but this was like drinking a stick of Big Red. And the tapioca I had added to it didn’t help. But I still plan on going back, I’ll just order something else.
  • I finished mopping the kitchen floor. I think I need a different mop, because I really wasn’t getting all the coffee stains. Or maybe a different mopping mixture instead of hot water and tiki torch oil (citronella and lemongrass oils – it smells fantastic).
  • Stew turned out well. I had put in apple cider vinegar, for acidity and flavor, since I had neither red wine nor beef broth. But it was still too much. And I still prefer it with chicken.
  • And in the interest of health, I was wondering if there’s a way to make a seafood-based stew with dumplings. I know there are seafood stews, but I fear that the time needed to cook the dumplings on top would overcook the fish/shellfish.
  • Time to call The Mom and then take a shower.