Kinda feeling like that Firefall song again. It’s ended up an evening of sad and lonely that even after all this time that I still don’t know how to fix and can barely even come up with ways to make myself feel even just a little better (as opposed to fixing – they’re two different things). Right now, the only thing I can think of is Stewie. But he’s 500 miles away, and I don’t think The Dude and Cameron would FedEx him to me.

Maybe a kitty, too. But the stickyness and heat here really don’t make cuddling a kitty seem very appealing.

I was on the T this morning, and watched a guy get on at Central. There were plenty of seats available, but he didn’t sit. No, he paced the entire length of the car, back and forth, the entire time it took to get from Central to Kendall/MIT, where he left the train (and was my stop as well – was going to MIT for a study, which earned me $20 for less than 20 minutes of staring at a computer screen).

I mentioned the other day that I requested all ten TOS/TNG cast Star Trek movies from the library. Nine out of the ten came in all at once (Generations is the lone hold-out). I picked them all up today, along with four Trek novels…and a kundalini yoga DVD. At least I get to spend some time having a huge Trek movie marathon.

Which kinda got me thinking, again,and I can’t come to a conclusion. And as a lot of you are Trekkies/Trekkers (choose whatever term you wish), or are at least conversant enough to have an informed opinion, I thought I’d bring it here (even though it’s certainly been debated elsewhere on the Internet for milennia).

We all know that the best Trek movie is The Wrath of Khan. Hell, even those not of the Trek persuasion know that – I feel kinda guilty making this comparison, but it’s the Star Trek equivalent to The Empire Strikes Back.

But which movie is the absolute worst? I usually say it’s a toss-up between The Motion Picture and The Final Frontier, but I’d be willing to add Generations to that list.

As far as the other odd-numbered movies are concerned (because, again, even the non-Trekkers know about the odd-numbered vs. even-numbered), I actually like The Search for Spock (it was the first Trek movie I ever watched. I was fascinated by Spock’s resurrection…hmmm, maybe I should have seen the foreshadowing there of my adult fascination with comparative religion…) and Insurrection (okay, only because Riker and Troi finally reunited… and yes, Imzadi is my favorite TNG novel).

*sigh* Sadness and despair appear to be here for a slumber party. And I have to get to bed early, as tomorrow’s interview is in a galaxy far, far away (as in the one-way commute will take nearly twice as long as the actual interview), and it’s going to be a long, hot day in a suit…