Oh, hello, Origamians…guess I haven’t posted for a while…

I’ve had two job interviews in the past week:

  • Both would be good fits for me, but in different ways – one would probably be more intellectually stimulating, but the other seems to be closer to the area I’d like to be in (they’re both in the same general field, but the sub-field of one is more up my alley)
  • The pay is about the same (the minimum for one is less than the other, but I’m fairly certain I’d be offered more than minimum for either one).
  • Commute for one is easy but incredibly irritating; commute for the other is actually kinda relaxing, but also just plain complicated, on so many levels (that would be the one that’s in a galaxy far, far away, which I guess puts the other in a nearby star system).
Other Bullets:
  • Today I saw something that I had only read about on Wikipedia, and had begun to think existed only in legend (like the fal-tor-pan): a three-car train on the Green Line.
  • I realized this evening that I have a travel goal for next year: San Diego. Because I really, really want to go to Comic Con.
  • I’m up to The Undiscovered Country in my Trek movie-watching. And I maintain my opinion from my last post: while The Final Frontier is a truly awful movie, The Motion Picture is painfully worse.
  • Was listening to Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” on my iPod the other day, and one line really stuck out for me: “My silence is my self-defense.”
  • I survived the heat wave, I guess…I broke down on Friday morning and bought another fan. It’s been in my bedroom for the past few days (though when it was really hot it traveled between the bedroom and the living room), and I am in love with the remote.
  • I have left the house every day for the past ELEVEN days. That truly must be a record for me. And yesterday and today I even left the house twice! And to make it even crazier, yesterday’s outings both occurred before noon!
  • I may stay home tomorrow, if only because I can.
  • Monday evening I “successfully” gave my first tour of Victorian Back Bay (I say “successfully” because by most people’s standards, I did just fine; by my standards, I did better than I thought I would, but nowhere near as well as I thought I should). And yes, I did make my group do the Hokey Pokey. In the rain.
  • On my way home from the Back Bay I ran into a group from The Army of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They ignored me, but I still found it necessary to quietly sing from The Book of Mormon.
  • I picked up some more books at the library today. Three more Trek novels, two dessert cookbooks, and Game of Thrones.
  • …and I got a game for the Wii. *mumbles* Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek.
  • *sigh* I really need to do dishes again.  Maybe tomorrow…