Well, I get why Saltine Toffee is often referred to as crack (actually, I got it a long time ago, just had it reinforced this afternoon). We will not discuss how much I’ve eaten, just that I feel much better with candy in the house (not that my hips needed it, but you get the point).

Despite not leaving the house today, I’ve just realized that I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit. In addition to being *this* close to finishing my scarf, I paid off the majority of my gas and electric bills (yeah, I had let them go for a few months – I hate doing that, but sometimes you have no choice), rearranged some of my fans (as to tower fan is in the bedroom, double window fan moved from the bedroom to the office and one of the small box fans moved from the office to the kitchen, where there had previously been no fan; other small box fan is still in the living room), just did a huge chunk of my dishes, put boneless chicken thighs in marinade for either tomorrow or Sunday, and put oatmeal in the slow-cooker for tomorrow morning (again – thank you to whoever came up with slow-cooker liners).

I’ve been missing yoga again. Maybe I’ll try and get to cheap yoga on Sunday night. Or maybe to the gym sometime this weekend…despite my dislike of my gym, maybe if I start going again I’ll start liking it again (going to the gym in general, not my specific gym).

I want this heat/humidity to end because I can’t stand the smell anymore. My apartment reeked (to me, anyway), from my own sweat  (and probably wasn’t helped by the dishes in my sink *hangs head in shame*), and plus it always has seemed like there’s some smell coming down form Landlord/Mrs. Landlord’s (or maybe up from the basement). It’s not horrible, but it’s not pleasant to me, either. I’ve never been able to place what it is, but it seems like I catch a whiff every time I come in.  I think I’ll put in one of my Yankee Candle electric home fragrance units (I only own three). I’ll even break down and use one of my beloved Lilac Blossom (those refills seem to be so hard to find). Maybe that will make me feel better.

And before I go off to knit/finish up season 8 Project Runway/read/go to bed, a quote from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the movie), from Lune Lovegood, that has been sticking with me as of late:

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect.”