Yeah, that’s how it feels here today…

Not much going on…waiting/hoping to hear back after those interviews…waiting/hoping to get calls/emails for more interviews (I had a thought a couple of weeks ago that the magic interview would be #33; in-person and phone interviews combined, I’m at 31)…reading…watching TV (finally finished with all the Project Runway marathons, now that the new season has started)…knitting stuff for Stewie (currently working on a sweater)…trying to pick out a pattern/yarn for a project for Dorothy’s little girl or boy, arriving this fall.

I had been originally considering going to the Franklin Park Zoo today, but for various reasons I opted not to. Maybe tomorrow.

It’s much cooler/less humid than it has been over the past couple of weeks, so I’m grateful for that. Which means I probably should have gone out and enjoyed it, but it also means it’s that much more comfortable in my apartment – I’m wearing yoga capris instead of shorts and I don’t have a single fan going. And crowds of strangers really aren’t appealing to me at all today.

I’ve found that I’m starting to miss shopping. I never considered myself to be much of a clothes horse in the first place; I just liked classic looks that were comfortable, and feeling pretty. And the fall clothes at J. Jill looked very much my taste and style when I wandered in the other day while I was at the Pru. But lack of income means no clothes shopping unless I need it. And of course, the eternal feeling that I have to continue to punish myself for my failures. Problem is, I have no idea when said punishments end.