• I forgot to mix up my cold brew last night, so I made hot coffee this morning.
  • The problem is, I’m not so good at making hot coffee. At least, not anymore. I was really good at it when I was a kid – I was always in charge of it for family parties. Nowadays, I’m not sure if I’m making it too weak or too strong.
  • I’ve also discovered that after years ordering iced coffee drinks with skim milk, I no longer care for them with cream/half-and-half/whole milk (not sure about 2%). It just tastes like I’m sucking up grease through the straw.
  • I whitened my teeth on Monday night, using the CVS brand 1-hour kit. BAD idea. I think it did a fair job of whitening, but I’ve been more preoccupied by the amount of skin/tissue it removed from my lower gums/inside of my lower lip. Eating was not exactly a fun experience yesterday.
  • Was hoping to get out of the house today, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Maybe tomorrow I’ll head up to a beach CJ recommended to me.