My upper arms/shoulders feel like I overdid it on the pectoral fly weight machine.

However…unless I’m sleepwalking my way to the gym at 5am, working out, and coming home in time to crawl back into bed and wake up around 8:30, I haven’t been anywhere near a weight machine in god knows how long. Though maybe I will go to the gym, as I still have to buy milk.

Needless to say, I have not had a good day. I woke up originally around 8:30 but dozed until 10. And then had two meltdowns before noon. I think the main trigger was one too many people on my Facebook newsfeed whining about having to go to work. After spending the late morning/early afternoon applying for so many jobs that I lost count, I wanted to start replying with, “Think about all the poor kids in Cambridge who don’t have jobs.” (Hey, I do live in the People’s Republic…)

Yes, you have to go to work today. You will go to work and you will do your job and you will check to make sure your direct deposit of your paycheck went through. And then you will go home to your significant other and you will have a lovely weekend and you will do it all again next week. You will LIKE IT and you will be FUCKING GRATEFUL.