• I’ve had a few ideas/thoughts for posts over the past couple of days, but every time I sit in front of the computer, I just don’t want to write them down.
  • Horrible insomnia flare-up last night. I’ve been going to bed/waking up late for the past few days, but last night was bad – I wasn’t able to get to sleep until 3:45am. I may have to break out one of my few remaining Ambien tonight, just to try to break the cycle. Debating going to the gym and/or yoga tonight, too, to see if that helps.
  • While trying to fall asleep I ended up watching A Wrinkle in Time on Netflix. I remember when it was originally broadcast that I was absolutely aghast that they had made a television movie out of it (and I refused to watch it at the time). That book requires an amazing CGI-laden feature film. Or at the very least, a multi-part miniseries on SyFy. If I hadn’t been familiar with the book at all, I think it would have been an enjoyable production. Not fantastic, but decently entertaining. But having read the book multiple times (not to mention three out of the four other books of Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quintet), the adaptation was truly awful. While I didn’t mind the updating of the time period, I didn’t like the changes made in the narrative, nor the portrayals of Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which.
  • My one glimmer of hope is that apparently Disney retained the rights last year to the novel last year. I just hope they don’t let Tim Burton anywhere near it. Actually, what I think it requires is James Cameron, a la Avatar.
  • I’m not feeling very funny or smart these days. I feel bad about that, because isn’t that the reason behind this blog, using  my sharp wit to make you die from laughter but yet think at the same time?