• I did go to the gym yesterday. And I was doing well on the elliptical, until my shoulders/neck started tensing up. I’d gotten in a good chunk of a workout (2.5 miles), so I left.
  • Sometimes I wish I could get into real running, not just the elliptical. But I hate treadmills with a passion, and running outdoors needs to take into consideration the heat, the humidity, the weather, and the impact on my knee.
  • Time for food, I thinks.
  • Neck and shoulders are still hurting this morning, so it looks like I’ll be calling to try to get a massage appointment this week. Here’s hoping the Advil kicks in soon, because moving my head around has become quite painful.
  • And I did break down and bust out an Ambien last night. Still ended up sleeping later than I had wanted, but I slept through the whole night – I probably needed the sleep. And this morning was just perfect sleeping weather – raining, my fan going, perfectly comfortable under two blankets and a sheet.
  • Should have a report later today or tomorrow on Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookies – I mixed up the dough last night and it’s been sitting in the fridge.