(take that, John Keats)

Last week I went to the gym, and as I walked out of the locker room I realized I was wearing a red t-shirt and carrying a red towel (which I always keep handy), a red Camelbak bottle, and my iPod in a red case.  And my combination lock is also red.

I think I have a problem…

Let’s talk about my red Camelbak bottle. It’s this one. I started on my hunt for a new water bottle earlier this summer – I knew I wanted something that was BPA-free,  wouldn’t leak in my backpack/gym bag (unlike my pink Nalgene bottle – that would be how I lost iPod #2 3.5 years ago), was 24 oz/.75L (I have a 1.0L Sigg, but it’s just way to cumbersome), and was transparent plastic (also unlike my Sigg – we can add “does not like drinking water out of an opaque bottle” to the List of Amanda’s Quirks).

I was very hesitant at first about the Camelbak. All because of the plastic straw. I’d had them in Rubbermaid drink bottle back in the 90’s and I’d hated them. But I really liked the Camelbak bottle, otherwise. I did some research and learned that you could still use the bottle without the straw, just like you would a regular bottle with a sport top. Yay! So I headed off to City Sports and bought my bottle.

Whwn I got home, I took out the straw, filled the bottle, screwed the top back on and took a sip. Kinda a pain in the ass to use in that fashion. So I sighed and reattached the straw and tried again, now having true full use of the Bite Valve technology.

Yeah – Total. Convert.

Now I fill my bottle with water (plain or slightly flavored with cranberry and lemon juice) and sit at the computer, reading/typing away while mindlessly sipping. Before I know it, I’ve gone through the whole bottle. I’ve been through 48 oz. of unsweetened iced green tea in the past hour. It’s also made my work out on the elliptical a little easier, as it doesn’t mess up my cadence/balance as much. Love this thing.

In related news, I figured out cold brewing iced tea, to go along with my cold brewing iced coffee. Hopefully this will lead to increased consumption of iced green tea – I’m think I need to cut back on my caffeine consumption, but I’m well aware that for several reasons I can’t cut it completely. So I’m thinking iced green tea is the way to go. And/or iced nonfat chai lattes.

And now, if you don’t mind, I have a massage to get to. And ice cream (Christina’s!).