Remember the final bullet point from last night’s post?

I need fun tomorrow. Or a surprise. A good surprise – I don’t need an earthquake or anything like that.

Umm…I’m sorry…?

I kinda feel like Jay in Dogma, when Rufus falls from the sky.

What’s even weirder is that while I was writing that I was thinking, actually, I kinda would like an earthquake…I’ve never experienced one…

And I still haven’t.

While a good chunk of metro Boston felt the tremor (I base this solely on the number of status updates on my Facebook news feed), I was not among them. Either a) I was in an area that just didn’t get it; b) I was not high enough off the ground (word on the street…err, Facebook…is that it was felt more in tall buildings); or c) at the time it all hit, I’m fairly certain I was on the T – altitude not withstanding, the rumblings of the train probably overshadowed any tremors.

I actually did have a good surprise today, other than the earthquake. In my efforts to get out of the house, I basically forced myself onto the T to just ride for awhile. I started reading a library book I had in my backpack, but quickly decided I didn’t like it anymore. But I still needed something to read. Knowing that I had a DVD on hold at the library, anyway, I got off at Harvard Square.

Walking to the library, I started thinking…hey, the new Kathy Reichs novel, Flash and Bones, is supposed to be out this month…wonder if it’s out yet. I’ve already requested it from the library, but it’ll probably take awhile to get to me. Maybe I’ll check Harvard Book Store, or download it onto my iPod.

At the library, I had to pass the table of new books. And there was Flash and Bones!! It had just come in this morning! And even better? It was already on hold for me!!!

Having something new to read is fun (especially as I’ve been waiting 10 months for it). The rest of my day was pretty ‘meh’, but I got in some quality reading time on the T.

So…let’s try this again…

I need a job offer tomorrow. Or a mega-awesome surprise that will make me weep with joy.

Or an earthquake.