No job offers today. No earthquakes, either.

Mega-awesome surprises? Again, no. But some nice little surprises this morning.

I was in Downtown Crossing/Park Street this morning for an appointment. I can’t say it was disappointing, because really it went pretty much as I expected, but nonetheless I was feeling slightly down afterward.

So I was wandering around, trying to decide what to do with myself. It was only about 9:20am, so my shopping options were limited. I figured I’d go to Borders, to take advantage of the discounts and the ladies’ room (man, am I going to miss that when they close – that’s been my go-to restroom in the area for quite awhile).

I also realized that it was early enough to get breakfast, so I put that on my agenda, too. My first thought was Panera, but I really didn’t feel like it. Ditto for Starbucks and Au Bon Pain. Just as I turned the corner onto Washington St., I was remembering my yen of last week, for a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit.

And then it was right there in front of me: McDonald’s. Right next to a CVS and a GNC, two other places that I needed to go.

Did my Borders run first (got two books), and then breakfast. They’re never as good as you remember them to be (and my thoughts always go to when the first introduced them in the mid-80’s), but it was what I needed.

Then I headed for the T. As I was approaching the gates, I overheard the name “Jim Kelly” mentioned. Now, that is a fairly common name, especially considering the Irish population of metro Boston. But I’m from Buffalo, so I immediately turned. And then I heard the names “Doug Flutie” and “Rob Johnson.”  Even I, non-fan of the NFL that I am, can recognize the names of Buffalo Bills quarterbacks.

I saw a group of four people – a teenage boy, a middle-aged man and woman (they seemed to be married, and the boy their son), and an older man, who was doing all the talking that I heard. No idea what his relationship to them was – there was no doubt that he was a local. But the middle-aged man was wearing a Buffalo baseball cap.  I didn’t stop or say anything, but I kinda wish I had, if only to give my two cents on how Doug Flutie got screwed when the Bills chose Rob Johnson over him, and screwed themselves over in the process (again – I know next to nothing about football, but I do know that; you don’t escape WNY without at least a bare bones knowledge of the Buffalo Bills).

I spent the entire afternoon/evening at home. But did come across some interesting developments in my email, which I may or may not talk about in the future.

Top Chef: Just Desserts premiered its second season tonight. I haven’t watched the episode yet, as I TiVo’d the first season marathon and I’m working on my re-watch of that. Jacques Torres was a judge in the very first episode. Oh, look, it’s Jacques “Mr. Chocolate” Torres…Mr. Torres, I’m sorry I didn’t like your chocolate  chip cookie recipe….

But it inspired me to maybe start trying challenging myself more in my baking. More on that in the future. But I have something in mind that alternately excites me, makes me worry for my waistline, and makes me dread the clean-up.


Should we try this again?

I need a job offer tomorrow. Or a mega-awesome surprise that will make me weep with joy.