• I believe my feelings about the Hurricane Irene experience can be best described by The Oatmeal. (thank you, Lucy)
  • A lot of over-hype and overreaction for extreme weather that turned out to be a major disappointment. Just like I said it would be.
  • But I did enjoy having a slightly cooler apartment. And last night was the first time I’d slept through the night in at least three days.
  • Oh, yeah…Friday night? I tossed and turned until 4, went to the living room to watch TiVo’d reruns of the first season of Top Chef: Just Desserts, and finally managed to get to sleep around 5:30am.
  • Have finally used up all of the cookie dough and cookies from the Jacques Torres batch. That means a total of five different things from one batch of dough. I’ll have pictures and a report once the final experiment is finished (sometime tomorrow, probably)
  • Have also finally blocked Stewie’s sweater and hat but have yet to take pictures.
  • My biggest worry about the hurricane was fortunately unfounded: my Knit Picks order came on Saturday afternoon, so I was able to start Project Dorothy’s Kidlet (which so far is going well).
  • After I exhausted the episodes of Top Chef: Just Desserts (last season and the season premiere – chef I wanted eliminated is gone, yay!) and the latest Project Runway, I started watching In Plain Sight on Netflix. I’m starting to wonder if the entire population of Albuquerque is made up of only Federal witnesses and three US marshals.
  • I need good things this week.