My remaining cookie experiments will probably be long, and image-heavy. So I’m dividing them up.

Experiment #1 – Baking chocolate chip cookies, the regular way. See my original post for more/to refresh your memory.

Experiments #2 and #3 – these actually happened together.

Back in March when I first started reading Serious Eats, one of the first posts I read was Cookie-Stuffed Cookies. It sounded really interesting to me, so I decided to try it.

Now, as we all know, I hate Oreo cookies/chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla cream. However, I am willing to use them as an ingredient (kinda like my feelings on bacon, I guess – I actually don’t mind Oreos in ice cream). The problem this time is that your regular Oreo, of any variety (and I really wanted to try this with mint Oreos), has two things I try to avoid: high fructose corn syrup and palm oil. So I left the regular cookie aisle and headed for the hippie-crunchy-granola aisle at Shaw’s and grabbed a box of Back to Nature peanut butter sandwich cookies (still had palm oil, unfortunately, but no HFCS).

After I let the cookie dough come back to room temp (it was too stiff to scoop out otherwise), I went to work. Ran into a tiny problem at first – I had a small cookie scoop (1.5 t) and a large cookie scoop (3 T), but not the medium scoop (1.5 T) that was called for. I just did the obvious – used the 1 scoop of the large for each sandwich cookie. I made six of these cookies. I had planned on a dozen, but I wasn’t sure I wanted that many of a cookie I wasn’t sure I’d like.

So as I was forming the stuffed cookies, my eyes fell on my kitchen table and a Shaw’s bag from a previous trip, containing a bag of Wonka Exceptionals Triple Dazzle Caramel pieces. I grabbed the bag, pulled out six pieces (okay, eight…I had to eat a couple), and went to work on tray #2.

Stuffed cookies:

I think the “doming” would have been a little less if the dough had been cooler. Here’s a close-up:

And here’s what happens when your seal isn’t quite good enough:

And the cross-section (why couldn’t I dissect cookies in biology instead of a frog?):

The verdict: I like the idea in general; I just didn’t like it with the peanut butter cookies. It apparently works better with Double Stuf. And maybe this winter I’ll give it a shot with Candy Cane Jo-Jos.

Candy centers:

I thought these worked a lot better, as an all-around cookie. Still needs some tweaking though, which I will explain in my verdict.


Can barely tell there’s even anything in there. At least on this one. A couple of the others leaked a little, but made them look that much gooey-er (which I thought was a good thing):


The verdict: These were moister (how I prefer my chocolate chip cookies), but in the end, you couldn’t tell there was a chocolate-covered caramel in there. I think it might work better with smaller amounts of cookie dough and/or regular caramels instead of chocolate-covered. Or using sugar cookie dough.

Experiments #4 and #5 tomorrow. Or whenever I get around to them.