• I watched the first four Harry Potter movies over the past three days (I could move on to the fifth, but I got sick of it. And I don’t own the sixth or seventh-part-I). Found some plot holes that while I’m sure they occurred to me before, I never really gave much thought to until now. Sounds like future blog post to me…
  • I’m also re-reading all the Harry Potter books. The Mom had refused to read them for years, but finally caved when her best friend, Mimi, basically demanded she read them (you don’t cross Mimi). So I started reading them again so I could answer any questions The Mom had. Currently, I’m in the first few chapters of … Chamber of Secrets. Which is tied with …Order of the Phoenix for my least favorite (CoS is hard for me to get through, for some reason; OotP just plain pisses me off).
  • But at least when I get through it, I get to re-read …Prisoner of Azkaban – my absolute favorite.
  • While walking in Beacon Hill is afternoon I saw a guy wearing a Three Wolf Moon t-shirt.
  • I’m also fairly certain that The Dad has the shirt, too…except he bought/was given it years ago because he’s actually into wolves.
  • I’m very much looking forward to fall for many reasons. Among them, the hope that it means Landlord will be cutting back on his usage of power tools.
  • I think I might be going to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) tomorrow. I bought a Groupon for it awhile back and it expires on Monday.
  • Which means Monday, if the weather cooperates, I’ll be using my Living Social voucher at the Franklin Park Zoo (because said voucher also expires Monday).
  • And I think it’s time for me to grab some dinner…