I spent the past couple of days watching (for at least the fifth time) the first season of The West Wing (if you didn’t understand some of my status updates on Facebook, that would be where they came from).

I freaking love that show, and the first two seasons in particular – the aura of the show kinda changed from the third season on (after 9/11), and it just wasn’t the same after God, I mean, Aaron Sorkin left after the fourth season. But so many of the moments that I quote the most come from first season episodes – “The Short List,” “Celestial Navigation,” “Six Meetings Before Lunch.” And “The Crackpots and These Women.”

Which leads me to this morning, when I was watching Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show (I didn’t watch it yesterday because I was too busy watching TWW), and the segment on the rescheduling of President Obama’s jobs speech for tonight, because it was at the same time as the Clash of the Crazies, I mean, the Republican candidate debate. At first, I thought it was very nice of the administration to be willing to compromise. But then I got to thinking…

So I have scripted out how the conversation between President Obama and Congressman Boehner should have gone. Many thanks to Mr. Sorkin for his contributions:

SETTING: The Oval Office. President Obama is sitting behind the Resolute Desk, reading reports and taking notes.

There is a knock at the door that leads to the outer office. The President’s personal secretary enters.

SECRETARY:  Mr. President, Congressman Boehner is here.

PRES. OBAMA: Thank you. Send him in.

The secretary exits and shoes the Congressman inside. The President stands from the desk and buttons his jacket as he walks towards the door, meeting Boehner halfway.

BOEHNER: Mr. President.

They shake hands.

PRES. OBAMA: John, thank you for coming. *gestures towards the sofa* Please have a seat.

Boehner sits on the sofa, his orange skin tone clashing with the color scheme. The President  sits in the chair near him.

BOEHNER: What can I do for you, Mr. President?

PRES. OBAMA: *leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees* John, I’m announcing my jobs agenda to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday,  September 7, at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

BOEHNER: *winces* Oh, I’m sorry, but that’s just not going to work for us. That’s the same time as the Republican candidate debate in California. I’m sure you understand. How about Thursday night?

The President straightens up and leans back in his chair.

PRES. OBAMA: Congressman…let’s do this:  look down at the big seal in my carpet.

Boehner looks down at the Presidential seal on the carpet in the middle of the room.

PRES. OBAMA: Now look back up at me.

Boehner looks back up at the President.

PRES. OBAMA: *crosses his legs* John, I’m announcing my jobs agenda to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday,  September 7, at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

BOEHNER: Of course, Mr. President. Anything you need.

PRES. OBAMA: *smiles* I knew I could count on you, John.

Boehner cries.