Happy 1st Birthday, Origami Out of a Refrigerator!!

A year ago today, I finally went live. I haven’t done as much as I should/originally wanted, but hopefully I can rectify that in the future.

It’s also another important birthday – The Dude turned 30 today! He’s eventually getting a pair of mittens (he already knows this) that are similar to Stewie’s, and coordinate with their hats.

As for what else today is…I’m not going to talk about it. At least, not today. Not because it makes me emotional or anything –  that couldn’t be further from the truth (except for Fr. Mychal Judge, but that’s another post). What I have to say would just piss a hell of a lot of people off. Let me put it this way – I refused to observe any moments of silence.

(Yeah…my marathons of The West Wing tend to make my uber-liberal come to the surface…)

Nor do I feel any need to talk about where I was or what I was doing because, for me, it can really just be summed up as same shit, different state. And I really don’t need to make my seemingly never-ending existential crisis any worse, thank you very much.

Okay…other news:

  • I really should know better than to go to Trader Joe’s on an empty stomach. I went in to get maple syrup; I left with maple syrup…and four different kinds of cheese, organic ground beef, prosciutto, vanilla wafers, two Ritter Sport bars (milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts), milk chocolate Pound Plus bar, ciabatta rolls, tapioca pudding, gnocchi, and fig butter.
  • Last fall I read all of Kathy Reichs’ novels, which are the incredibly loose basis for Bones. This fall I’m trying Tess Gerritsen’s novels, which are the basis for Rizzoli & Isles (which I really like). As the novels (and the series) are set in Boston, I think they might be able to add something when I give tours.

And now I think it’s time to knit. Or read. And wait for The Mom to call so she can vent (long story).