Good Evening, Origamians.

Yes, I am alive. Just haven’t had very much to say over the past ten days. And just feeling…I don’t know, odd and complicated. Not sure how much I want to talk about that, though. At least, not here.

Other stuff (though I don’t think there’s much):

  • I’ve started watching Ringer. Not sure how I feel about it yet. It kinda seems like if In Plain Sight met The Parent Trap.
  • I’ve also watched Alphas all summer. Not sure how I feel about that, either. But every time they mention The Compound in Binghamton, I always think it’s really a disguised Elmira Correctional Facility.
  • My down comforter (with fabulous purple duvet cover) has returned to my bed for the duration. Sleeping is so much easier these days.
  • I watched the Emmys on Sunday night. Jane Lynch did not impress me as host, though I think she would have been better if the writing hadn’t sucked.
  • Being car-less is really hitting me hard these days.
  • As if I didn’t already hate the escalators at the Porter Square T station (they give me headaches), today’s xkcd.
  • The Yankees clinched a playoff spot today. Yay. Next goal: knock the BloSox out of wild card contention.
  • The Yarn Harlot is coming to Boston again! So I’ll have to go again. I managed to get my picture on her blog the last time she was here, as a member of the First Sock Brigade (I had finished them that very afternoon).
  • I think dinner is arriving. So I should probably go answer the door.