Hello Origamians!

(Do you feel like you’re an alien culture when I call you that? Because it reminds me of the Organians in Star Trek)

I have returned from being Origami On Location. During which I never posted because I touched a computer all of once. This was probably the busiest I have ever been on a trip to Buffalo.

The Dad picked me up at the airport on Friday morning and we went straight to The Dude and Cameron’s, where The Mom was Stewie-sitting. And he was wearing the sweater vest I knit for him! We hung out there until Cameron came home, and then The Mom and I went to Wegmans for lunch.

(You’ll probably be hearing a lot about Wegmans from me in the coming weeks. Because there is one opening here in MA on Sunday!!)

Saturday was spent at Dorothy’s shower (did not have Project Dorothy’s Kidlet finished…still don’t; I’m working on it). Sunday I actually went to Mass (the church is still standing), and then The Mom and I went to the Ellicottville Fall Festival, mainly to see Zelda, my high school English teacher/one of my Other Moms, at her jewelry booth. And I got got some alpaca yarn. Sunday evening was ice cream with Blanche.

Monday was back to Stewie-sitting. Oh God, that kid is just way too cute. I went and picked up The Queen and brought her back to The Dude and Cameron’s so she could have lunch with The Mom and I (we ordered from Just Pizza). Monday evening was spent doing laundry, packing, and talking on the phone for two hours with Dorothy (completely normal for us – we start to say goodbye and end up chatting for another half an hour). Tuesday morning I had an early flight, and I was back in the People’s Republic by 10:30am.

Honestly, I have too much to talk about for one post, but not enough ambition to do multiple posts tonight. So, some highlights: