(I really do want to post more than once a week…I should work on that…)

What I’ve been up to…

  • not doing dishes. I should work on that, too.
  • a lot of knitting. Still working on Project Dorothy’s Kidlet. Plus started a sock (the reason why I will get to shortly), and some of my Christmas knitting.
  • went to a reading/book signing by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka The Yarn Harlot. You can read about the event from her point of view here. And I actually can be found in the pic of the crowd, if you know what to look for…
  • I love knitting events like that. It started at 7, with the doors opening for seating at 6:30. I know what knitters are like, so I planned to get there by 6. I got off the bus at 5:50 and just laughed, because the line was already out the door and halfway down the block. And everyone was knitting (or spinning).
  • Which would be why I needed to start a sock – Project Dorothy’s Kidlet is just way too big to travel, but you don’t go to these events without a knitting project. So a sock it was. And when I got to Brookline Booksmith, I got in line and immediately pulled it out of my backpack and got to work.
  • The other amusing part, to me anyway – most women stand in front of their closet, saying, “What am I going to wear?” I was standing in front of my stash, saying, “What am I going to knit?”
  • I’e been feeling the need to bake chocolate chip cookies. Probably would have done so today, if it weren’t for those pesky dishes…
  • I signed up as a volunteer for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.
  • Yesterday I did a study (an economics study, I think) and made $27. I guess that made getting soaked in rain worth it.
  • I tried making 100% whole wheat bread last week. And as I tend to do with whole wheat, I screwed it up – I think it was both underkneaded and underbaked. *sigh*
  • But I managed to get a good pizza dough a couple of weeks ago. Still needs a little work though (the recipe I followed didn’t call for salt, but it definitely needs it; said recipe also doesn’t call for sugar, and the yeast certainly needs that – luckily, I remembered about that little problem with the recipe and added some sugar).
  • Top Chef: Texas starts in two weeks. Honestly, I am a little miffed that they’ve done San Francisco, LA, Miami, Chicago, New York, Vegas, Dc, and now Texas, and have yet to cover Boston.
  • Tonight is Part I of the Project Runway finale. *yawn* I mean, I’ll watch, but I really don’t care much for anybody who is left. Looking forward to the start of Project Runway: All-Stars, though.
time for other stuff. Like knitting. And watching DS9 on Netflix.