(I’m keeping this one short. Maybe I’ll post more later, if I’m stuck while writing and need an outlet)

I have a goal that I want to read 50 books by the end of the year. If that becomes impossible (and unless I start counting books by Dr. Seuss, it looks like it is), my goal is 37 books (beating my 2009 high score of 36); goal below that is 30 (beating 2010’s score of 29). I am currently at 26.

I also currently have a list of projects that need to be knit – they’re all either already in progress, I already have the yarn purchased and dedicated, or promises I want to keep. It started out as my Knit All the Things! List; it’s now my Knit ALL the Things? List. Said list has thirteen projects. Of which maybe three or four will count as Christmas gifts. So yes, as being broke means my holiday gifts come solely out of my stash (again  *sigh*), I still have that to worry about, too.

Anyway…I sit in the living room and knit while watching TV. And I feel guilty that I’m not reading.

I lay in my bedroom reading. And I feel guilty that I’m not knitting.

I do either one, I feel guilty that I’mm not working on NaNoWriMo.

I work on the novel, and I feel guilty that I’m not reading or knitting.

And then add in my non-existant career and personal life.

Yeah…I need a win…