Good evening, Origamians.

Long time, no write…since we last spoke I spent ten days in Buffalo for Thanksgiving and just returned last night. Lots of Stewie-time (that Evil Genius is just way too cute). Also got to see Blanche, and Dorothy and her husband Mario, and of course, their brand new son, Bart.

So let’s do things in my normal, bullet-pointed fashion:

  • On the Saturday before Thanksgiving I was sitting in the family room at my parents’ while they were in the front yard, doing some work around the fish pond. The Mom came into the room carrying a tiny, skinny, young black cat with a long, fluffy tail. “Mand! Look what we found under the bushes!” I fed her right away, and gave her some water. I knew from the moment The Mom walked in with her that we (well, ‘they,’ but I maintain my part in family ownership of all the pets) would be keeping her. We named her Alice, and took her to the vet a few days later to be checked out. They said she’s about 6.5 months old, and that her growth had probably been stunted due to starvation/dehydration (she was skin and bones when The Mom found her). She’s incredibly affectionate (she does not stop purring when she’s around people) and very talkative. Further research seems to indicate that she might be part Maine Coon, which is fantastic (The Dad has wanted a Maine Coon for years).
  • Oh – I actually have portability once again! The Mom offered me the use of her acer netbook, as it has never worked right with the MiFi in the house, and she and The Dad have the iPad.  Of course I still have the Redneck Desktop going, but this makes things a little easier. I’m on the netbook right now, on the living room sofa with Rizzoli & Isles paused on the TiVo. I haven’t been able to be on the computer and watch TV at the same time in over a year. And the really nice thing about the netbook is that it will fit in my new Vera tote with room to spare.
  • I hit up two different Wegmans on three separate occasions while I was in Buffalo. For those wanting to know, Amherst St. (twice) and McKinley.
  • A couple of weeks ago I finally figured out a solution to being woken up in the middle of the night by my quacking iPod. I just put it on airplane mode when I go to sleep.
  • As is my usual MO prior to going away, I attempted to clean all the things before leaving. I didn’t do too badly – the kitchen and bathroom could be cleaner. But I did vacuum the living room and bedroom, AND I did ALL of the dishes!
  • Every time I complete an item on the Knit ALL The Things? List I find I have to add at least one more. Case in point: I finished Blanche’s birthday socks (which are lovely and she loves them) and now I have to make another hat for Stewie (I made him a red cable-knit hat over the summer. I tried sizing it so he would be able to wear it this winter, but in addition to being an Evil Genius he’s also a Big Kid Genius – not fat,  just advanced for his age, mentally and physically. So I have to make a bigger hat)
  • And for the third year in a row, I will be failing to complete NaNoWriMo. I’m just way too far behind to catch up, and I’m not into pulling all-nighters if I don’t have a grade depending on it/am not getting paid. I feel bad, but I’ve learned that if I want to complete it, I have to stay on track with the daily word counts.
  • So far, I seem to be somewhat numb regarding the holidays. I’m nowhere near in love with Christmas (for a variety of reasons, I probably never will be), but I’m not absolutely hating everything about it with a passion, like I have for the past few years. It’s an improvement.
  • I never left the house today, which is typical for the day after I fly home. But tomorrow I really need to run errands and go to the library.

‘Til whenever, Origamians.