Good afternoon, Origamians!

I’ve just realized that Logan Airport will be playing a huge role in my holiday celebrations this year. At the exact time of the winter solstice, 5:30am on Thursday, I will be arriving (via a car service, as my flight is too early to be able to take the T) to fly out to Buffalo. And on December 31st, my flight from Buffalo (with a stop at JFK) is scheduled to land at 11:59pm.

The Knit ALL The Things? List continues to multiply, even as I finish projects. This does not please me. As I commented elsewhere last night, the holidays would be so much easier if I wasn’t so damn good with yarn. Or had income so I didn’t have to rely on said talent so much. I’m sure there will be at least one gift that I won’t have finished by Saturday evening, which means I will probably have to do some emergency shopping in Buffalo on Thursday or Friday. Of course, said people are the ones whom I have absolutely no clue about.

I’m generally not a fan of the holidays, for reasons I don’t care to talk about. I have absolutely no Christmas music on my iPod, I have absolutely no decorations in my apartment (I posted a picture on Facebook of my unadorned living room, with the caption that it was all decorated for the holidays. Several of my friends “liked” it…maybe it was because of my red drapes and the red runner on my TV stand, but I’m not sure some of them really got it…). And I’m not going to get some unexpected Christmas miracle, my life isn’t going to all of sudden take a turn for the better come January 1st. But I am looking forward to seeing Stewie’s reaction to all of it – the snow, the Christmas tree, taking him to Mass on Saturday afternoon, if he ends up preferring the boxes and wrapping paper over his toys.

I’ve discovered White Collar on Netflix. I get totally sucked into things like art theft and forgery.  I wish I had taken more classes on white collar crime in law school (while I did concentrate in criminal law, I tended towards the grizzly side).

I think Landlord’s cleaning lady left, so maybe I can get my sheets washed (doubtful, though – she usually washes all the cleaning rags and leaves them in the washer, and leaves stuff in the dryer.

Too much stuff to get done here. And if some knitted items finish drying, I need to get to the post office.