• Pictured above, the Marvelous Multigrain Sourdough, again from the Flour cookbook. It is amazing, and as Joanne Chang states in the recipe notes, it does indeed make unbelievable toast.
  • I also have finally gone to Flour. I had a cinnamon cream brioche that was tres yummy.
  • Today, I finally picked up a medium cookie scoop. So no more having to listen to me whine about only having small and large.
  • I also bought a plastic filter cone, for making pour over coffee (and strangely enough, I got a much better deal at my local hardware store than on Amazon). See, my beloved Cuisinart coffee maker has been on the fritz for the past six weeks or so. I put in an inquiry on their website yesterday, but have yet to hear anything. And while I do have instant on hand (and enjoy pretending to be in Folgers Crystals commercials), I miss my regular coffee. Especially since I have a ton of it on hand, including the Hyper-Caffeinated “Shock” that I picked up at Premium Coffee Roasters when I was in Buffalo (I highly recommend the Toasted Nut Fudge). And as I don’t know yet if I like the pour over method, I decided to go with a $4 plastic model rather than spent $13+ on ceramic at this time.
  • And having read how the Clever Coffee Dripper works, I’m now wondering if I actually did waste $4 and if I could just do the same thing with my tea maker (I have an older model, but the premise is still the same). Maybe I’ll give that a shot in the morning, first. Either way, it’ll make enough to fill the new tumbler I got right before Christmas (isn’t it pretty? And no, I didn’t pay full price – I had a coupon).
  • Explanation on the post title – I’ve been listening to the original cast recording of A New Brain lately.
  • A lot of knitting to be working on tonight. And need to do some yoga, too.