And the cake may or may not be a lie.

Hello, Origamians. Long time, no write. As I probably mentioned in my last post, whenever that was (February?), I just haven’t had much to say. Still don’t, really. But I’ve had several requests for more posts, so here’s some random stuff you should know about and/or ponder:

  • Do you ever wonder about who lives at 122 and 124 Sesame Street?
  • Still contemplating a blog revamp. Just haven’t come to any kind of conclusion.
  • Remember a long time ago (October 2010, I think) when I did a post about how much I preferred real books over e-readers? Yeah…I bought a Nook Color last month (B&N Member Card and gift cards via MyPoints – thank you for your assistance). I freaking love it.
  • Among other things, thanks to the digital libraries of both the Boston Public Library and the Cambridge Public Library/Minuteman Library Network, I have finally read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and have started Life, the Universe, and Everything. I’m also very close to finishing David Baldacci’s The Camel Club.
  • And in hard copy, I have (but have barely started) Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • I just came home on Tuesday after five days visiting the fam in Buffalo. The Dude and Cameron have moved just down the street from The Mom and The Dad, so I got to see them and Stewie every day while I was there.
  • The Dude and Cameron turned me on to two shows I never thought I would watch – America’s Got Talent and American Ninja Warrior.
  • Stewie is so. freaking. cute. And smart. And sweet. He had his first birthday last month – Wicked Awesome Aunt Amanda sent him an MIT t-shirt that says “Future Evil Genius.”
  • I’ve gone to the gym for the past three days. I did a 5K on the elliptical each time. Surprisingly, my lower body loves it and wants me to bring it on; upper body wants to go find someplace with iced coffee and a/c.
  • Or go to flour for a sticky bun. I’m seriously in love with them.
  • Can I be Indiana Jones when I grow up?
  • I stopped TiVoing/watching Conan. It just got to be too immature for my tastes.
  • So who did I switch to, to up the maturity level? Jimmy Fallon. Yeah, I know. I get the Pros & Cons song stuck in my head every Wednesday.
  • Why does the combination of melted Sorrento Mozzarella and Tops Pizza Sauce taste so damn good?
  • Yes, I do mean on a pizza crust.
  • What do you think it means that last night I dreamed I was peeling calluses off of my feet?