• Happy Feast Day of  St. Anthony of Padua. I hope you find all of your lost things.
  • I hope I find all of my lost things, too.
  • Still going to the gym every day. I’m making an attempt at thirty 5K’s in thirty days. I’m up to seven.
  • I’ve been experimenting with green smoothies over the past few days, taking ideas from various recipes I find on Pinterest.
  • I found one called a Green Monster. While it’s my favorite jumping-off point so far, needless to say we do not refer to smoothies as such in the Enlightened Absolutism of Amandaland.
  • Today’s smoothie: 1 chopped frozen banana, half a container of plain 2% Fage, approximately 1 T chunky peanut butter, 2 T instant oatmeal, 1 T green powder (it’s easier to use in my weak-ass blender than actual spinach or kale), and approximately 1 cup vanilla soy milk (I just filled the empty yogurt container). 
  • Verdict: good texture, except for a few chunks of peanut that didn’t pulverize. Not super-thick – goes down real easy. Could be a little sweeter; not so crazy about the soy aftertaste.
  • Modifications to try tomorrow: coconut oil instead of peanut butter, sugar-free vanilla coconut milk instead of the soy milk, plus a tablespoon or so of soy protein powder (I know I said I didn’t like the aftertaste of the soy, but it needs protein). Maybe some honey or agave nectar. Also want to eventually up the amount of green powder, once I get the rest of the formula to something I like. Not sure yet if I want to add frozen berries or not.
  • Need to get back to the Knit ALL The Things? List.