In my experimenting with green smoothies this week, I made a grave error: I kept forgetting to make/drink coffee.

I don’t drink coffee to wake up/stop from being a bitch (I’m actually a morning person). I drink coffee to stay sane and keep myself out of my head. It’s my cheap antidepressant.

If I have to have a routine (I recognize the fact that I probably need routine in my life; I’m just not always crazy about implementing/getting used to them), I want it to be as streamlined as possible. I don’t want to have to make two things in the morning when making one will suffice. Hence, why I went in search of recipes for green smoothies that contained coffee.

(italicized text should be read in the voice of Marvin the Martian)

But Amanda! Doesn’t adding caffeine to a green smoothie defeat the purpose of detoxification? You should be aiming to be caffeine-free!

Shut up.

I would love to not require a daily intake of coffee/caffeine.  But caffeine helps me to stay sane, and in my experience coffee has proven to be the best delivery method (you did not want to see me the two years I gave up coffee for Lent).

So I did some googling yesterday and then I experimented this morning…and it worked!! I’ll be honest…it still tasted a little off to me, but it may be that I need to switch sweeteners (I used honey, which I don’t really like with coffee. I don’t like agave with coffee, either. Using Splenda, as I usually do with coffee, seems kinda wrong in this sense, so maybe I’ll pick up some stevia and try that).

So…Amanda’s Green Coffee Smoothie, Take 1:

1 chopped/sliced frozen banana

1/2 cup yogurt (I used half a container of plain Fage 2%)

~1.5t honey (I’m guessing – I just squirted it in until it looked like enough)

1T soy protein powder (I have the Whole Foods store brand)

1T green powder (I use the house brand from Cambridge Naturals)

2T instant coffee (Taster’s Choice French Roast)

~2T instant oatmeal (for fiber – it was about half a packet)

1 cup chocolate soy milk

Put in blender. Blend. Pour into glass. Drink.

Other notes:

  • I’ll try vanilla soy milk tomorrow.
  • I’m trying to use up a bunch of instant oatmeal packets. When I run out, I’ll switch to ground flax.
  • I did try a smoothie with coconut milk and coconut oil. Not all that great, mainly because the coconut oil gets even more solid when it hits cold banana and yogurt. However, as a non-coffee version, I do want to try it with cococut milk and adding pineapple.
  • I don’t use ice because my blender doesn’t like ice. If/when I get a new blender (such as the Ninja Kitchen System I’ve been drooling over), I’ll experiment more.
  • That may also cause to me create make-ahead smoothie packs, as seen on Pinterest, with frozen cubes of yogurt and coffee in addition to frozen bananas/berries/other fruit.