“I felt like I was trying to make origami out of a refrigerator.”

That’s how I would usually describe the experience of being a plus-size girl in yoga or dance classes. Certain parts of my body just are not going to fold up in certain ways. It seems to have become a metaphor for my life in general – even when I want nothing more than to conform, something out there seems to refuse to let me fit in.

The  original idea for a blog started percolating during Late Winter/Spring 2009. I read a lot of blogs, and the books that said bloggers then had published. I knew it was something I could do just as well (and some cases, a hell of a lot better). Not to mention a book deal would be pretty sweet. ;)  I even set up a WordPress blog under a different title, but I never got anywhere with my original concept, mainly because I wasn’t exactly sure yet what it was.

Fast-forward to early August 2010. I updated my Facebook status about the yoga class I had taken that evening, using my “making origami out of a refrigerator” phrase. A friend replied that I had a way with words, and something clicked for me then. That was the direction I needed to run with – my experiences and outlook on life, often described in a quirky, snarky, unconventional fashion.

Why did it take me six weeks to finally put up some content? Well, in my efforts to escape the ever-present boredom and unbearable loneliness, I felt it necessary to clean, rearrange and feng shui my apartment first.  And then I had to go to yoga (which I have come to absolutely love, go figure).

I’ll try for daily posts, but I make no guarantees. The site is also pretty much still in beta, so expect changes.

And if you happen to want to give me a book deal, I am more than happy to talk. :D


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