Good morning, Origamians!!

It’s TWO Origami firsts – posting at 6am AND going Origami on Location at a place that is NOT The Enlightened Absolutism of Amandaland or my parents’ house. Greetings from Terminal C of Logan Airport.

Hey, The Mom – if you read this before you leave to come get me, I have two requests: real-food breakfast (I’m currently running on a venti skinny peppermint mocha) and if possible, leave The Dad at home. Only because I can’t knit on his gift in the car if he’s there. Okay, I actually do have a way around that (which will be kinda funny in the end if I have to use it), but you get the point.

And speaking of Knitting ALL The Things, I should probably get to that…


I was doing some research this morning, and I discovered I made an error in yesterday’s post.

I will NOT be arriving at Logan at the time of the solstice. The solstice occurs at 5:30am UTC, which is 12:30am EST. AT that time, I will probably be making a decision as to whether I should try for 3.5 hours of sleep or if I should caffeinate and power through until the car service arrives at 4:45.

Good afternoon, Origamians!

I’ve just realized that Logan Airport will be playing a huge role in my holiday celebrations this year. At the exact time of the winter solstice, 5:30am on Thursday, I will be arriving (via a car service, as my flight is too early to be able to take the T) to fly out to Buffalo. And on December 31st, my flight from Buffalo (with a stop at JFK) is scheduled to land at 11:59pm.

The Knit ALL The Things? List continues to multiply, even as I finish projects. This does not please me. As I commented elsewhere last night, the holidays would be so much easier if I wasn’t so damn good with yarn. Or had income so I didn’t have to rely on said talent so much. I’m sure there will be at least one gift that I won’t have finished by Saturday evening, which means I will probably have to do some emergency shopping in Buffalo on Thursday or Friday. Of course, said people are the ones whom I have absolutely no clue about.

I’m generally not a fan of the holidays, for reasons I don’t care to talk about. I have absolutely no Christmas music on my iPod, I have absolutely no decorations in my apartment (I posted a picture on Facebook of my unadorned living room, with the caption that it was all decorated for the holidays. Several of my friends “liked” it…maybe it was because of my red drapes and the red runner on my TV stand, but I’m not sure some of them really got it…). And I’m not going to get some unexpected Christmas miracle, my life isn’t going to all of sudden take a turn for the better come January 1st. But I am looking forward to seeing Stewie’s reaction to all of it – the snow, the Christmas tree, taking him to Mass on Saturday afternoon, if he ends up preferring the boxes and wrapping paper over his toys.

I’ve discovered White Collar on Netflix. I get totally sucked into things like art theft and forgery.  I wish I had taken more classes on white collar crime in law school (while I did concentrate in criminal law, I tended towards the grizzly side).

I think Landlord’s cleaning lady left, so maybe I can get my sheets washed (doubtful, though – she usually washes all the cleaning rags and leaves them in the washer, and leaves stuff in the dryer.

Too much stuff to get done here. And if some knitted items finish drying, I need to get to the post office.

Hello Origamians…

Nothing much going on, hence no writing. A lot of knitting (The Knit ALL The Things? List just never ends), some cooking (P.R. Soup, from my beloved Dom Deluise cookbook. Minus the onions, of course), some baking (Buffalo Chip Cookies. And the only modification I did was add salt, because chocolate chip cookies and versions thereof need salt. The dough was fantastic raw; I think I overbaked them slightly. But no fear – I only baked a dozen, and scooped and froze the rest of the dough). And now of course I have a ton of dishes to do, once again.

A few notes:

  • if anyone from the office where I interviewed last Friday happens upon this post, Hi! I still really want to work for you/with you!
  • Stewie continues to be The Cutest Evil Genius in the Universe.
  • Been reading, too – still working through Tess Gerritsen’s books, currently about 2/3 of the way through Body Double.
  • I’ve been experimenting with more natural options for hair/facial care…face care seems to be working, but shampoo/conditioner still needs some tweaking. Probably a post on this in the future.


Yeah…that’s all I got tonight…

Good evening, Origamians.

Long time, no write…since we last spoke I spent ten days in Buffalo for Thanksgiving and just returned last night. Lots of Stewie-time (that Evil Genius is just way too cute). Also got to see Blanche, and Dorothy and her husband Mario, and of course, their brand new son, Bart.

So let’s do things in my normal, bullet-pointed fashion:

  • On the Saturday before Thanksgiving I was sitting in the family room at my parents’ while they were in the front yard, doing some work around the fish pond. The Mom came into the room carrying a tiny, skinny, young black cat with a long, fluffy tail. “Mand! Look what we found under the bushes!” I fed her right away, and gave her some water. I knew from the moment The Mom walked in with her that we (well, ‘they,’ but I maintain my part in family ownership of all the pets) would be keeping her. We named her Alice, and took her to the vet a few days later to be checked out. They said she’s about 6.5 months old, and that her growth had probably been stunted due to starvation/dehydration (she was skin and bones when The Mom found her). She’s incredibly affectionate (she does not stop purring when she’s around people) and very talkative. Further research seems to indicate that she might be part Maine Coon, which is fantastic (The Dad has wanted a Maine Coon for years).
  • Oh – I actually have portability once again! The Mom offered me the use of her acer netbook, as it has never worked right with the MiFi in the house, and she and The Dad have the iPad.  Of course I still have the Redneck Desktop going, but this makes things a little easier. I’m on the netbook right now, on the living room sofa with Rizzoli & Isles paused on the TiVo. I haven’t been able to be on the computer and watch TV at the same time in over a year. And the really nice thing about the netbook is that it will fit in my new Vera tote with room to spare.
  • I hit up two different Wegmans on three separate occasions while I was in Buffalo. For those wanting to know, Amherst St. (twice) and McKinley.
  • A couple of weeks ago I finally figured out a solution to being woken up in the middle of the night by my quacking iPod. I just put it on airplane mode when I go to sleep.
  • As is my usual MO prior to going away, I attempted to clean all the things before leaving. I didn’t do too badly – the kitchen and bathroom could be cleaner. But I did vacuum the living room and bedroom, AND I did ALL of the dishes!
  • Every time I complete an item on the Knit ALL The Things? List I find I have to add at least one more. Case in point: I finished Blanche’s birthday socks (which are lovely and she loves them) and now I have to make another hat for Stewie (I made him a red cable-knit hat over the summer. I tried sizing it so he would be able to wear it this winter, but in addition to being an Evil Genius he’s also a Big Kid Genius – not fat,  just advanced for his age, mentally and physically. So I have to make a bigger hat)
  • And for the third year in a row, I will be failing to complete NaNoWriMo. I’m just way too far behind to catch up, and I’m not into pulling all-nighters if I don’t have a grade depending on it/am not getting paid. I feel bad, but I’ve learned that if I want to complete it, I have to stay on track with the daily word counts.
  • So far, I seem to be somewhat numb regarding the holidays. I’m nowhere near in love with Christmas (for a variety of reasons, I probably never will be), but I’m not absolutely hating everything about it with a passion, like I have for the past few years. It’s an improvement.
  • I never left the house today, which is typical for the day after I fly home. But tomorrow I really need to run errands and go to the library.

‘Til whenever, Origamians.



I had a not-so-good week, Origamians. Not only does that mean I tend to not want to write on here, it also means I don’t want to work on my NaNoWriMo novel.  At this moment, I’m still two days behind. But I’m plugging away, getting there. I have to finish it this year.

I’m leaving next Friday morning, the 18th, for Buffalo for Thanksgiving, and staying until the 28th. I’m not pleased that I’m leaving so early/staying so long, for several reasons, but I have no way around it. On the plus side, I get to see Stewie. And Blanche, and Dorothy, and meet Dorothy’s son, now 2.5 weeks old.

I was at a function on Wednesday evening that I basically dressed up to go to. And by dressed up, I mean what probably passes for work clothes in some offices – my favorite v-neck kimono-sleeve sweater, black pencil skirt, and low heels (I didn’t even take a pair of Crocs for walking). I had my contacts in and makeup on. Definitely not my everyday attire.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I found myself wishing again that I was in a daily environment that did require that. I mean, I suppose I could dress up every day, but right now that seems like a waste of dry-clean-only clothing (especially since I need to by Dryel refills). I wish I had dressed up more in my previous job. Of course, I always used to say that they didn’t pay me enough to dress better than I did, figuratively or literally…when it comes down to a choice between nice clothes or paying my gas bill, NStar gets it over Macy’s.

I’ve actually been “missing” clothes lately. And I miss shopping with CJ. I also miss actually looking good in clothes, but that’s a whole other show. It all makes me miss a lot of stuff, really.

In related news, I spent money I probably shouldn’t have on a lovely new Vera Bradley tote. But the pattern I liked, Loves Me, was marked down over 50% at the time, so I jumped on it. My feet are too big to have a shoe addiction, so it’s all about the bags for me.

I made an excellent dinner the other night – butternut squash ravioli  (courtesy of Trader Joe’s) tossed with butter, Parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of maple syrup (sounds kind of odd for pasta, but if you think about it, it makes sense). I still think it could have used a midge of garlic, but it was still incredibly yummy.

And now it’s time to get back to knitting all the things and writing all the words.

(I’m keeping this one short. Maybe I’ll post more later, if I’m stuck while writing and need an outlet)

I have a goal that I want to read 50 books by the end of the year. If that becomes impossible (and unless I start counting books by Dr. Seuss, it looks like it is), my goal is 37 books (beating my 2009 high score of 36); goal below that is 30 (beating 2010’s score of 29). I am currently at 26.

I also currently have a list of projects that need to be knit – they’re all either already in progress, I already have the yarn purchased and dedicated, or promises I want to keep. It started out as my Knit All the Things! List; it’s now my Knit ALL the Things? List. Said list has thirteen projects. Of which maybe three or four will count as Christmas gifts. So yes, as being broke means my holiday gifts come solely out of my stash (again  *sigh*), I still have that to worry about, too.

Anyway…I sit in the living room and knit while watching TV. And I feel guilty that I’m not reading.

I lay in my bedroom reading. And I feel guilty that I’m not knitting.

I do either one, I feel guilty that I’mm not working on NaNoWriMo.

I work on the novel, and I feel guilty that I’m not reading or knitting.

And then add in my non-existant career and personal life.

Yeah…I need a win…